I hope ceasefire in Gaza

Israeli troops entered Gaza

In the Bible, “love our neighbor” is repeated. I hope all of the people in Israel remember this command now.

Today, at last, Israeli tanks and troops entered Gaza was reported. White or Black, Zero or 100, you are wrong, we are right. If people in the conflict keep such kind of attitude, the conflict will be unsolved forever.

I am worried about lots of hungry parents and their children in Gaza. BBC World News reports increase of civilian casualties.

I have been to Israel about 10 years ago. One of my motives I visited there was that I wanted to have a look at Chiune Sugiura’s memorial tree in Jerusalem. Chiune Sugiura is also called Senpo Sugiura in overseas.


I hope ceasefire in Gaza

He was a Japanese diplomat. When Chiune Sugiura was the Deputy Consul General to Lithuania in the beginning of World War II, he decided at his own risks to save thousands of Jews by writing transit visas for stranded Jewish refugees who were fleeing from Nazi's persecution.

If late Sugiura had been alive, what would he thought of the present conflict in Israel, I imagine. Anger creates lots of new angers. I hope immediate ceasefire in Gaza. I also hope world leaders use all possible means to end the violence.

Upload:4 January,2009